A Look at the History of International Trucks

The International Trucks company has a long and storied history. The number of trucks this company has rolling down the road today is a testament to its ability to take advantage of the latest technology and change with the times. Consider some events in the history of this notable American company.

The History of the Company

In 1902, financier J.P. Morgan made the decision to merge the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the Deering Harvest Company into one business called the International Harvester Company. The International Harvester Company produced a variety of construction and farming equipment as well as trucks and buses.

WWII Brings Changes to the Company

During WWII, the International Harvester Company contributed to the war effort by making military trucks designed to carry weapons and other cargo for both the U.S. marines and the navy.

Moving Away from Agricultural Vehicle Manufacturing

The 1980s brought a downturn in the farming industry. The decreased demand for farming vehicles and equipment eventually prompted the International Harvester Company to sell its agricultural division in 1985. After selling several other divisions, the International Harvester Company renamed itself the Navistar International Corporation in 1986. Navistar is the parent company of International Trucks. This company produces medium, heavy and severe duty trucks.

Well-Known Vehicles in Its History

Some of the most notable trucks made by this company include:

Cutting-Edge Innovation

This company continues to improve on the designs of its vehicles to make them more driver and road friendly.

Innovations in Safety

  • Improved visibility with LED lights
  • RollTek seats for the vehicle
  • Collision mitigation technology

Innovations in Comfort

  • An engine with low noise vibration to maintain the comfort of the driver
  • Attention to seating design to provide the most support for a driver’s neck, back and arms while on the road

Innovations in Truck Performance

  • Predictive cruise control that saves on fuel and contributes to a reasonable travel time
  • ProStar aerodynamics for more efficient travel

National and International Dealers

This company’s trucks and other products are available through over 1,000 dealers. These dealers are spread throughout the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

Overhauling Its Brand

In 2018, this company introduced an impressive medium-duty work truck called the International MV. This is just another in a line of driver-friendly, efficient trucks produced by this expansive company.

A Leader in the Truck Manufacturing Industry

This company focuses on engineering trucks that are safe, fuel efficient and comfortable for drivers. Embracing the newest technology and continually coming up with unique innovations has made International Trucks one of the leading producers of trucks today!